Serving all San Francisco and Marin County



Due to weather, harsh conditions, or just everyday usage your home can deteriorate over time. Keeping up with your homes need will not only promote a longer lifespan but can also save you tons of money in the long run. DHS offers many services that can help you keep up with the needs of your home. 

We offer:

  • Attic maintenance 
  • Garage maintenance 
  • Bathroom maintenance
  • Kitchen maintenance
  • Outdoor home maintenance
  • Power washing services
  • Crown molding and Trim painting 
  • Furniture painting and staining 



I was incredibly fortunate to be directed to Saul Palacios of Handyman Services. He and two co-workers built a sturdy 8’x10′ insulated wooden shed, and painted it with the color and trim of my house and garage, in four days. Saul made a separate visit to help me with my home cleanup by hauling a heavy rug and couch out to the sidewalk for collection, gratis, and made several renovation repairs for a small cost. The He is extraordinary helpful, positive, intelligent and creative, capable of and wiling to perform a wide range of tasks from small to major, with equanimity. I will continue to employ him, and my neighbor is hiring him as well.

Evelyn K. San Francisco